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Hello! If you are considering hiring me, Kadena Tate, please note that I charge an initial fee of $50 for a thirty minute session. During our time together,  I will listen to your business issues and advise whether I can help you or not. This session is NOT a pitchfest and/or business development session.

This is for those who are ready to make the investment in themselves through me and have additional questions. If this is not you, then this session is not for you. Please understand that time is a precious resource. I generously share my time and knowledge in the public domain.

Please read my blog posts, check out my social media postings and watch my YouTube videos to get a sense of who I am and whether or not you believe that we would work well together.

What is your first and last name please? *

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What was your DESIRED revenue goal last year? (Kept in strict confidence) *

What was your ACTUAL revenue goal last year? (Kept in strict confidence) *

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Assuming the fit is right, are you emotionally and financially prepared to invest in your business? *

Why do you want to work with me, Kadena Tate-Simon? What do you want to learn from me and why do you think I am the right coach for you?

If/When you are ready, please take the following action steps:

(1) Complete the application below.

(2) Render your $50 investment via

(3) My assistant will reach out to you within 24 hours to schedule your consultation.

If you submit this form after 5pm CST during the week, or on the weekends, we will respond on the next business day.

Thank you.

Our goal at Kadena Tate International is to provide the strategy and support you need to execute a comprehensive marketing plan.

We look forward to working with you.
Wishing you every joy on your journey!
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